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Gayle Berry – Love Support Unite


“We are looking to set up a business to campaign against plastic use and to provide help and support to help people reduce their reliance on plastic. We weren’t sure what the best route to set up was, for example if it should be a charity or a different type of not for profit, but not knowing what those options might be.

We contacted Andrew who explained very clearly the differences between a charity and a social enterprise and what the pros and cons of each were.

He gave us some really useful advice and resources to help us understand what we now need to do, including organisations that run courses and support the development of social enterprises. We now feel much more confident about what our next steps are and without his advice, we’d still be stumbling around in the dark.”

Karen Espley – Stop the Old Bags

“I wanted to let you know what a rarity you are and how much I have valued working with you this year. I’ve worked in a lot of different professions and with some amazing people who have inspired and impressed me – you’re right up there with the best of them.

You have an openness and honesty which is totally refreshing and, together with a lot of humanity and humour, it’s a killer combination which has helped me so much in my first experience of working for a non for profit company. As you know, it’s been a challenging experience for me and it definitely would not have ended so well without your input and guidance. Thank you!”

Director – Not for Profit Company