Do you require assistance with a project or initiative? Is your organisation established, but you feel that its profile could be elevated? Is your strategy unclear, or do you sense that your operations could be more efficient? Would you like to generate greater income or to help more people?

I collaborate with the owners, board members, and directors of ambitious small and medium-sized organisations to develop growth strategies, address issues and obstacles, increase income, and enhance organisational efficiency.

My tailored consultancy service provides expertise for most challenges encountered by charities and businesses. With over 20 years of consultancy experience across a variety of disciplines, I can assist you in achieving significant impact and results by:

    • Distinguishing your organisation so that more people are eager to work with you
    • Generating more income through high-performance systems and processes
    • Motivating people effectively to advocate for your organisation
    • Establishing robust systems to enable your organisation to function efficiently and effectively
    • Implementing best-practice leadership approaches


If you are committed to enhancing your organisation’s profile or performance, or increasing your income, schedule a call with me. This will enable us to assess whether we are well-suited to collaborate and ensure that I can support you in attaining your desired results.