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Problem Buster is a workshop tool specifically designed for  charities designed to get results and solve problems.

We have developed Problem Buster workshops specifically around the key areas that charities typically have problems with:

– Trustee board diversity
– Income generation
– Profile/brand values
– Compliance
– Strategy

How will a Problem Buster help?
  •   It solves critical problems giving implementable solutions and plans while encouraging involvement and commitment to the solution, reducing your implementation costs.
  •  It resolves “Blind Spots” so you can see the opportunities you may be missing
  •  The trustees/team learn new approaches while solving a real problem, saving you time and money
  •  By involving the people affected, you build buy-In into the process, eliminating hidden costs and resistance from the “Not Invented Here” syndrome.
  • It identifies success measures so you can measure how well you’re doing over time.

How does a Problem Buster work?
Problem Buster has three parts to it.

1. Pre-workshop call
We have a pre-workshop call with you. This is done (via Skype or Zoom) and lasts around 60-90 minutes. This call is to identify who should be coming to the workshop (up to 15 people), to get a better understanding of the issue to be worked on and to cover the logistics of the workshop.

2. Full day workshop

The workshop is an interactive day during which we take you through the Problem Buster process.

We will work through in detail:
– What the issue is
– How and why it has arisen
– What the impact of the issue is on the charity
– What are potential solutions are
– Prioritisation of the solutions
– The plan of action for the team to work on.

3. Follow-up report
You will get a fully comprehensive report of the day along with the plan to enable you to take action and the measures to help you assess improvements.

What do they look like?

Income Generation Problem Buster

Some of the issue’s that you might experience around income generation and fundraising are:
– Becoming too reliant on one source of income, putting the charity at risk if that source dries up,
– Levels of funding decreasing or finding funding is becoming more competitive,
– Fund raising activities aren’t working as effectively as they used to.

This Problem Buster will get to the bottom of why fund raising is a risk and then explore the different areas from which funds can be raised to determine which combination will work best for your charity and how a new strategy might be implemented.

Diversity Problem Buster

The sorts of issues charities might have around diversity are:
– The board is not diverse in terms of ethnicity, age range or skillsets,
– There is a poor representation on the board of service users, so there might be a lack of understanding of the needs of the people who are served,
– The board feels a little stale, there is a lack of new ideas and thinking.

This Problem Buster will help understand why the board is not more diverse and what the implications of this are. It will help decide what can be done to add trustees who will meet diversity needs and build a plan to make this happen.

Compliance Problem Buster

The impact of having poor compliance are that it can damage your reputation and brand (which can result in reduced fundraising), put you at risk of investigation or prosecution and could most importantly place your beneficiaries, staff and volunteer at risk.

There is a range of compliance issues a charity might face:
– Inaccurate annual reports,
– Inaccurate financial reporting,
– Poor procedures in areas such as safeguarding and safety,
– Infringements of legislation.

This Problem Buster looks at areas of the charity that are non-compliant and understanding in detail the risks of not acting. The solutions session would look at all the activities that need to be undertaken to return the charity to compliance and to maintain the status going forwards

Profile Problem Buster

This Problem Buster examines the brand of the business and how it’s perceived. This can be linked directly to an Income generation problem.

If the profile of the charity is poor:
– it can result in much reduced fundraising,
– it may find it hard to find beneficiaries for its help.

Or it might simply be that the charity hasn’t got a profile – so no-one knows about them and so is challenged with funding.

This Problem Buster examines the issue in more depth – what is the issue with the profile, what is the impact of the poor profile and why it’s important to change it. We then create a plan to create a new effective and appropriate profile for the charity.

Strategy Problem Buster

This Problem Buster usually looks at the overall strategic plan of the charity but can be used to review specific strategies such as the Fundraising Strategy.

Some typical strategy issues are:
– it’s either not been thought through properly and is providing difficult to implement,
– it’s been poorly communicated, and trustees and employees could be working on it from completely different directions,
– The strategy has worked in the past, but it’s now out of date and no longer working effectively.

The Problem Buster will look at the existing strategy, why its not appropriate and then what needs to happen to make it fit for purpose.

Note. We often suggest that a Theory of Change is completed as part of this Problem Buster to gain clarity about the purpose of the charity thus providing a useful compass to check the relevance of elements of the charity.

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